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Corroflon and Bioflex Ultra insulated PTFE hose assemblies

Nowość w ofercie - zaizolowane przewody teflonowe Corroflon oraz Bioflex Ultra z izolacją wykonaną z podwójnej warstwy 12 mm, ognioodpornej pianki silikonowej spiralnie owiniętej wokół węża. Izolacja przewodów sprawdza się zarówno przy przesyle zimnych, jak i gorących mediów: zapobieganie tworzenia się skroplin (przesył zimnych mediów), ograniczenie straty ciepła (przesył gorących mediów), ochrona operatora poprzez redukcję zewnętrznej temperatury przewodu (przesył gorących mediów). Warstwa zewnętrzna: Czarna guma EPDM (matowe wykończenie) lub łatwa w utrzymaniu czystości silikonowa

Hose assembly for high pressure washers up to 500 bar

Complete hose assemblies for high pressure washers are used for cold and hot water cleaning, up to 500 bar. They are used in specialized applications including: removal of cement wash, rust, removing fouling from hulls, cleaning production lines in food processing plants, but also cleaning paving slabs, setts, removal of chewing gum or graffiti. Low weight and great flexibility facilitate easy handling of the hose assembly. Special design of stainless steel fittings,  allows for tightening the [...]

Rotary unions DNCHPR and DNCHP series

Sizes: from ¼” to 1” (BSP/NPT) Working pressure: up to 350 bar. Working temperature: up to +130°C Rotary unions made of nickel-plated steel intended for hydraulic oil. Used in applications where high reliability is required, especially in the construction industry and agriculture. Unions available in sizes from ¼” to 1” (BSP/NPT). Working pressure up to 350 bar. Working temperature up to +130°C. Swivel rotation. Maintenance-free Lightweight and compact design Corrosion resistance Long service [...]

Hose reels Compact and Major series

Automatic spring retractable reel Plastic casing Swivel wall bracket Abrasion-resistant polyurethane hose Working temperature up to +50°C (for water max +40°C) Working pressure up to 15 bar Compact series and Major series hose reels are suitable for water and compressed air in applications with a limited space requirement such as service cars, assembly lines, workbenches. Thanks to their plastic casing the hose reels are very lightweight. They are offered with a wall bracket and polyurethane hose additionally [...]

Simple and fast assembly of a fitting on a hose thanks to the reliable PUSH ON system

Working pressure: 20 barWork. temp.: from -40°C to +80°CAvailable hoses:Rubber (colour: )Thermoplastic (colour: )Available fittings - threads:BSP, NPTmetricJIC 37˚ (UNF)Available fitting material:carbon steelbrassstainless steel General purpose PUSH-ON hoses New offer - PUSH ON system of self-gripping hoses designed for assembly with special fittings without the need for bands or clamps. The fitting must be just pushed into the hose. The special fitting barbs design facilitates assembly and prevents the fitting from slipping out. With its unique braid [...]

New star in our range – chemical hose – CHEM UPE STAR/SD

Inner layer: made of black, smooth UHMWPE Reinforcement: synthetic cord, steel wire helix Outer layer: made of black EPDM rubber Working temperature: from -30°C to +100°C Vacuum: 0,9 bar Suction-delivery hose intended to convey liquid chemicals. Widely used in the food, chemical and petrochemical industries. What marks out CHEM UPE STAR/SD hose? Unmatched in its class CHEM UPE STAR/SD hose guarantees the highest quality at a competitive price. High quality construction CHEM UPE STAR/SD hose is [...]

Composite hoses STAR series

Composite hoses, light version, are suitable for virtually any industrial application The composite hoses are supplied only as complete hose assemblies. The composite hoses of STAR series are always in stock, so we can ship the complete hose assemblies to you within a few days. Composite hose assemblies STAR series: Allowable working pressure: 10 bar Maximum vacuum value: 0,7 bar Maximum hose assembly length: up to 40 m CHEM STAR/PG Suction-delivery hose [...]