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Tubes International is a leading supplier of professional solutions

concerning hoses and couplings as well as hydraulic hose assemblies for all industry sectors

Since 1993 when the company was founded, we have aimed at providing a diverse range of engineered hoses and couplings for industrial applications.
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I choose Tubes, cause there is a lot to choose from.
Customer of Tubes International
Tubes International consistently delivers a really impressive range of hoses and couplings for all industries. It is a leading supplier of professional hose solutions. With a team of engineers, experts and their know-how, they can tackle complex issues of your project through the network of branches all over the world.
Łukasz Sikora
Working as a design engineer I must always choose the best components. I choose the hoses, couplings and high pressure hydraulic elements from Tubes, cause only then I am sure that the machines we produce are equipped with the best one can get.
Sławomir, Institute for Engineering of Polymer Materials and Dyes, Department of Polymer Processing in Toruń

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