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We have supplied over 2327 kilometres of hoses to our Customers.

This is almost 200 kilometres more than in the previous year!

We have produced 198 128 hose assemblies, for various applications and different industries.

This is over 300 hose assemblies more than in 2020!

1 057 739 users

have visited our web pages.
The offering of our e-shop has expanded to 44078 products.

Produkcja przewodów do 4000 bar

Video database

has increased by 26 new videos showing practical tips, product and service demos.

Our YouTube channel has been already subscribed by 1600 users, our videos have reached almost 40 000 viewers in Poland.

Highly trained employees with many years of experience

48% of our employees have worked at the company for more than 10 years. The longest serving employee has been working at Tubes International for 28 years!

With many years of experience, we can guide our customers to the products they want and provide professional services.

July 2021

Social responsibility

As part of our strategy, we regularly support the vulnerable and those in need. In July 2021, we again supported several foundations and organisations.

July 2021

Częstochowa branch moved to a new location with a larger shop area to provide more comfort to our customers.

November 2021

A new point on the map of Tubes International is located in northern Italy. The newly opened agency is a result of the implementation of our strategy for international market expansion. It is to support our Customers on the Italian market.

December 2021

Social responsibility

In line with our strategy, we continue to support the vulnerable and the needy. In December 2021, we again supported several foundations and those in their care.