API Fuel Couplings

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A range of fuel couplings includes: API dry disconnect couplings, API vapour recovery couplings and gravity drop couplings). They are common to the loading and unloading operations of fuel road tankers. They are used as the equipment of loading arms in loading/unloading terminals (fuel storage facilities) and road tankers.

API dry disconnect couplings are manufactured in compliance with an American standard, API RP-1004, developed by American Petroleum Institute. The couplings are intended for bottom loading and unloading of fuel from road tankers. The basic, distinctive part of API coupling is a special adapter (tank unit of API coupling) mounted on the tanker with TTMA 4” flange. During the loading operations a hose or a loading arm fitted with a coupler (hose unit of API coupling) is connected to the adapter with 4” API plug at the end. Then, after the connection is made, the fuel flow is released with a valve in the adapter. The vapours from the tank that is being filled, flow to the tank that is being emptied through vapour recovery hoses fitted with API vapour recovery couplings CAMLOCK type with valves.

Gravity drop fuel couplings (API coupling adapters) allow for loading using gravity method by connecting API tank unit with a standard CAMLOCK coupling.
API couplings are made of aluminium. Working pressure of API fuel couplings is usually about 6 bar.


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