Assembly and packaging of hoses in CLEANROOM

Tubes International meets the requirements of very demanding Customers by providing highly parameterized industrial hoses and hose assemblies that are used in very specialized and critical applications.

Our company – provider of hose and hose assembly solutions for the industry, as one of first in East-Central Europe, has made an effort to ensure the highest standards in terms of assembly purity, packaging and customizing hoses and hose assemblies.

Assembly and packaging of hoses in CLEANROOM

Products assembled and packaged in Cleanroom

Konfekcjonowanie węży w Strefie Czystej – CLEAN ROOM
Węże Tygon

TYGON® Tubing

Tygon® tubing is manufactured in a variety of plastic formulations (compounds) that include materials such as silicone, PVC, polyurethane, fluoropolymers, thermoplastic elastomers and other plastics. Due to the physicochemical properties of these materials and their precise finish, the tubing range also features unique physical and chemical characteristic such as: transparency, surface smoothness or biocompatibility.

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Szybkozłącza tworzywowe CPC

CPC plastic quick release couplings

CPC quick release couplings are used for general industrial, biopharmaceutical, medical, chemical and food applications. Thanks to their design, the couplings can be operated with one hand. Since CPC plastic quick release couplings can be made in a wide range of materials, they can be matched to suit almost all working conditions.

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Assembly and packing of hoses in Cleanroom, in Tubes International.

In order to prevent improper handling of items produced in Cleanroom, our company introduced an airtight packaging system and labelling system with all important information on the product:

  • inner and outer diameter

  • date of production, packaging

  • LOT number

  • code

  • quantity

Cleanroom according to ISO standard

„Cleanroom” is an enclosed area specially designed to control strictly defined environment parameters such as e.g.:

  • particular air flow pattern particle movement,

  • vibrations, noise, movement, movement of living organisms, lighting,

  • number of airborne particles,

  • strictly defined temperature,

  • strictly defined humidity,

  • air pressure.

Particle monitoring in cleanroom comprises:

  • retention of particles and microbes in cleanroom,

  • concentration and distribution of particles.