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Universal hose designed for the transfer, loading and unloading of liquid petrochemical products containing up to 50% aromatic hydrocarbons OIL STREAM STAR

Internal layer: black NBR rubber Reinforcement: OIL STREAM STAR D - synthetic cord; OIL STREAM STAR SD - synthetic cord, steel spirals External layer: black NBR rubber Operating temperature range: from -30⁰C to +80⁰C OIL STREAM STAR Oil Stream Star is a universal hose designed for the transfer, loading [...]


SAHARA® LO BN hot air hose for road silo tanker unloading

Inner layer: white EPR rubber Reinforcement: synthetic braid, steel helix Outer layer: black, corrugated EPDM rubber Working temp. range: -40°C do +200°C (with peaks up to +240°C) SAHARA® LO BN Robust, flexible, kink-resistant, suction-delivery hose designed to transfer hot, dry air from an air compressor to a silo tanker [...]


Freeze protection heated hose for water ETH HWI 19/25

Inner layer: smooth, black EPDM rubber Reinforcement: synthetic braid Outer layer: black EPDM rubber Standard length: 10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 30 m, 35 m, 40 m i 60 m (minimum length available: 10 m) Available diameters: 19 mm (ETH HWI 19) or 25 mm (ETH HWI 25), wall thickness of about [...]


MANTEX and MANTEX HP layflat hoses for compressed air

Hose material: yellow NBR/PVC compound with UV barrier, polyester braid (textile weave) embedded in the compound in the hose extrusion process Work. temp.: from -30°C to +75°C (with peaks up to +80°C) MANTEX Delivery hose designed to transfer compressed air, for compressors, hammers, augers and other pneumatic tools. With its low [...]


AQUAMAN potable water layflat hose approved by PZH

Hose material: blue polyurethane – polyether (PU) extruded through the braid (textile weave) in the hose extrusion process Work. temp.: from -50°C to +75°C (for clean water) Buy online Access to clean drinking water has become one of the world's biggest challenges. Designed and manufactured in Norway, AQUAMAN hose offers an efficient, easy and economical way [...]


UHP cleaning automation systems up to 3000 bar

Runner rotary nozzles for cleaning heat exchangers, with interchangeable heads of different configurations, for cleaning pipelines with seamless pipe elbows (SPC or SLC heads), also FlexFrame, TLX, LTC, 1-XS, OBS, and IBC systems. Advantages of using cleaning automation systems: Advantages of using cleaning automation systems: repeatability of a process – the operator [...]


FUELMAN layflat hose for fuel and liquid hydrocarbons

Hose material Polyurethane (PU) extruded through the braid  in a hose extrusion process. Working temperature from -50°C to +50°C Heavy duty, abrasion resistant delivery hose designed specifically for transferring fuels, other liquid hydrocarbons or for use as a general purpose antistatic hose. Lighter and more flexible than standard rubber hoses, [...]

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