BAUER Lever Ball Couplings

Złącza dźwigniowe bauer

BAUER lever couplings were developed in Austria but today they are used all over the world. They are distinguished by a lever and lugs placed on a ball-shaped adapted. Made in zinc-plated steel (NR/SBR rubber seal). Nominal coupling sizes: 50, 76, 89, 108, 133, 159 and 194 mm. One of the many advantages of the couplings is that they are robust, not susceptible to impurities and can be connected with one hand (even in the dark). Intended for water and all kinds of fluid and loose media. Working pressure 12 bar (up to the size of 89 mm – 20 bar), vacuum resistant. They allow for angular deflection while connecting the elements (30° for sizes up to 108 mm, 20° for larger sizes). A wide range of couplings – with a hose tail, male thread, with flanges or weld-in connections, blank caps but also straight pipes with couplings, elbows and tees. Many applications of BAUER couplings include the following:

  • mining, road and tunnel building for water and air;
  • temporary and emergency water supply systems, industrial water and sewage systems;
  • agriculture (irrigation, sprinkling systems, sprinklers);
  • faecal sludge suction, delivery and transport (vacuum tankers and installations);
  • dry and wet loose materials transport (powders, granules, plaster, bentonite, etc.);
  • exhaust gas and dust installations;
  • onshore and offshore installations for crude oil and drill cuttings;
  • food and chemical industry.

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