Bioflex Ultra PTFE hose

A smoothbore, outside corrugated PTFE hose. Reinforced with AISI 316 steel helix wound into corrugations (SS, RC, SI, PB versions – except for 3/8” diameter) and AISI 316 steel braid (SS, RC, SI versions). The profile of the hose combines the advantages of corrugated hoses (flexibility) and smoothbore hoses (laminar, undisturbed flow, ease of cleaning).

Supplied in various versions as complete hose assemblies with non-flared fittings (the fitting is crimped inside the hose in a standard way) and with flared fittings (with an integral PTFE layer). The integral PTFE layer offers greater flow rates (full flow along the entire length of the hose assembly).

The hose material complies with EC No 1935/2004, EU No 10/2011, EC No 2023/2006; FDA 21 CFR 177.1550; FDA 21 CFR 178.3297 (antistatic version); USP Class VI.

 Example application
Pharmacy industry
Cosmetic industry
Bioflex Ultra PTFE hose
  • Available in diameters up to 3″
  • No fluid build-up in the corrugations
  • Fittings can be lined and flared with PTFE (fitting material is separated from the media, no gaps behind the edge of the hose tail, greater flow rates).
  • High flexibility
  • Can be made into complete hose assemblies in compliance with ATEX directive, 3A Sanitary Standards, EN 16643:2016.
  • Set of approvals for food and pharmaceutical industries
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