Cast Iron and Steel Pipe Fittings

Armatura żeliwna i stalowa

Cast iron fittings basically include threaded pipe connectors used to connect threaded pipes in industrial pipe systems for cold and hot water, non-aggressive fluids, gas, steam, fire fighting and other applications. They are made of white malleable cast iron and compliant with EN 10242 and ISO 49. Working pressure 25 bar (up to 120°C), 20 bar (300°C). Normally zinc-plated, but also available black, not plated.

The connectors are threaded with BSP female parallel thread (Rp, ISO 7-1), BSPT male taper thread (R, ISO 7-1), pipe unions (nuts and couplers) with BSP parallel thread (G, ISO 228-1).
BSP (Rp) female parallel thread mates with BSPT (R) male taper thread and seals on the thread. Thread sealant must be used (PTFE thread seal tape, liquid sealant).

The range includes:

  • 90° and 45° long and short radius elbows, female, female – male, male;
  • 90° and 45° elbows, female, female – male, male;
  • tees, reducing tees, Y tees and 45° Y tees;
  • crosses;
  • muffs – female full bore or reducing connectors;
  • nipples – male connectors;
  • blank plugs and caps;
  • pipe unions – flat face unions with o-ring seal and taper ground joint unions;
  • locknuts.

Other types of threaded pipe connectors made of cast iron or carbon steel are available on request.


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