Chemical Ducting Hoses

Węże odciągowe specjalne
Lightweight, flexible hoses intended to transfer chemically aggressive fumes, solvent vapours and gases.
Made of: polyethylene, polypropylene and fabrics coated with some other plastic materials (e.g. PTFE). Reinforced with steel wire helix or steel strip helix (CLIP type hoses). An antistatic version compliant with TRBS 2153 and flame-retardant version (DIN 4102 B1) are available.

Chemically resistant ducting hoses are widely used in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, varnish industry, paper industry and pharmaceutical industry. In laboratories, fume cupboards are fitted with the extraction hoses.

So as to select the right hose in terms of its chemical resistance, it is essential to gather the following data: type of medium (fumes transferred by the hose), fumes temperature, working pressure (vacuum). The safety data sheet of chemical substance is critical for the proper selection. Check if there is a risk of static charges build-up, particularly for operation in a determined potentially explosive zone.

The principles of proper selection are given in the technical information section “Selection of hoses and fittings in regard to chemical resistance” and in tables on chemical resistance of materials (see attachments and section TECHNICAL INFORMATION).

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