Quality policy

We aim to:

  • create a solid and stable foundation for the Company’s growth by meeting planned economic results,
  • deliver comprehensive services and products to our Customers in terms of industrial hoses and couplings by extending the range of products to the new types,
  • provide the Customers with access to the state-of-the-art products by continually updating our product portfolio,
  • offer extensive product options within a diversified discount system,
  • extend the scope of services offered by introducing new technologies,
  • provide the Customers with services at the highest quality level,
  • foster continuous improvement of these services,
  • inform the Customers on the current range of products and services through efficient marketing,
  • increase the availability of the products and services in our range through market expansion and development of a distribution network,
  • continuously improve management methods, constantly improve work conditions and develop infrastructure,
  • constantly improve qualifications and enhance involvement of the employees through relevant training and attractive reward systems.
Polityka jakości

To ensure that the Quality Policy is successfully implemented:

  • the Company Management and employees are fully engaged in achieving the objectives of the Quality Policy,
  • the compliance and achievements in terms of services delivered are continuously reviewed in order to improve the management system in line with the requirements of ISO 9001.

As a President of the Company I am responsible for the implementation of the Quality Policy and I declare that it is and will be consistently executed by myself, the Management and employees of our Company. Each of the employees, within the area of competence and responsibility is required to understand, execute and improve the rules resulting from the Quality Policy adopted by the Company.

Richard Fredriksen President