Comprehensive solutions for loading/unloading systems
  • Design, production, overhaul of loading/unloading equipment,
    terminals and industrial installations
  • Advice and consulting on new and refurbished loading/unloading
    equipment and terminals
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Comprehensive loading/unloading solutions

Following many years of cooperation with such inspection bodies as TDT, WDT, UDT or DNV we can meet all Customer expectations concerning loading/unloading equipment design. Our designs meet all of the technical and legal requirements set by the inspection bodies and end users.

The technical documentation developed by our expert design engineers and approved by TDT earned a reputation for professionalism and reliability confirmed by letters of reference sent by our Customers.

The loading/unloading equipment designed and produced by our company is employed in loading/unloading installations handling food and chemicals, loading and unloading terminals of fuel and petrochemical products as well as many other loading systems. We also provided a great deal of equipment that works in steel mills, mines, seaports or airports.

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What we offer

rozwiązania przeładunkowe

Comprehensive solutions concerning design, production and modifications of loading and unloading equipment, terminals as well as industrial installations in compliance with current legal requirements and with due regard to the individual needs of a Customer.

Konsultacje oraz doradztwo w zakresie urządzeń przeładunkowych

Advice and consulting on loading/unloading equipment, terminals to be build or modified.

Tubes Hose Supervisor

Warranty and post-warranty services integrated in the original management system – Tubes Hose Supervisor.

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Auditing and consulting

With many years of experience in the market we can assist our Customers with audits and consultancy services provided by groups of experts and engineers.


With our vast production capacity, we can quickly produce both simple flexible hose assemblies as well as complex loading/unloading equipment with fittings. We have a highly specialised welding workshop where we carry out the production of complicated pipeline elements.

As confirmation of our welding competence we have our welding quality system certified by TDT-CERT to the requirements of ISO 3834-2:2007.

Certificates and approvals

We improve our organisation according to the criteria of an implemented and continually developed Quality Management System – compliant with ISO 9001:2008, certified by DNV and TDT- Cert.

We are certified by Transportation Technical Supervision (TDT) to produce, repair and modify flexible hose assemblies used as the equipment of transport tanks and devices for their loading/unloading (W/M/N-107/13), and by Military Technical Supervision (WDT) to produce, repair and modify equipment for loading and unloading of transport tanks, equipment for loading military equipment and armaments (433-02/WDT/UCB/15). Tubes International offers the high pressure hose assemblies which carry CE marking and are supplied with EU Declaration of Conformity – Module A2 certified by UDT-CERT (1433) as they satisfy the provisions of Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU).

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Loading arms

Our scope of supply includes loading arm solutions based on a standard system of rigid pipes for bottom or top loading and unloading of road and rail tankers. We also offer devices designed by our engineers that are intended to guide and manoeuvre flexible hose assemblies around.

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Services for industry

We have several, fully equipped service cars and highly qualified service engineers ready to deliver prompt service directly at a Customer’s plant.

What we offer:

  • warranty and post-warranty service of loading/unloading equipment,

  • installation and testing of flexible hose assemblies,

  • installation of compensators,

  • installation and repair of hose reels,

  • other service operations depending on the individual needs of our Customer.