International Bielsko-Biała Branch

One of the youngest

The Tubes International branch in Bielsko-Biała opened on 1 February 2016, joining other branches located in Silesia.

High-capacity warehouse

The branch, with a total floor area of 280 m2, consists of a store, workshop and warehouse area, so we can keep the most frequently purchased products in stock.


We provide a full range of products and services concerning industrial hoses, including the production of industrial and hydraulic hose assemblies.

24h Service

From the very beginning, the branch provides a 24-hour service. Our customers can purchase goods and receive prompt services outside the standard opening hours.

Fourth branch in Silesia

We are yet another branch office of our company in Silesia. The other branches are located in Katowice, Gliwice, Tychy and Częstochowa.

Services provided at the branch

  • Production of industrial hose assemblies

  • Production of PTFE hose assemblies

  • Crimping hydraulic hoses

  • Production of thermoplastic hose assemblies

  • Production of hoses for pressure washers

  • Hydraulic pipe bending

  • 24h Service

Some services are performed outside the branch – enquire about the services at the branch.

Industrial hoses Bielsko Biała

Catalogue products

Custom products

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Industrial hoses Bielsko Biała
Industrial hoses Bielsko Biała
Industrial hoses Bielsko Biała