Tubes International  Gdańsk Branch

Serving the local market since 2000

The branch opened on 1 September 2000. Initially it was located at 7 Budzysza Street, while its current location is in a modern building at 117 Elbląska Street.

High-bay warehouse space

We ensure on-shelf availability of a wide range of products.


In the workshop located at our premises, we produce complete industrial and hydraulic hose assemblies. We mark them as standard, so we can identify each item if repair or replacement is needed. We perform pipe bending.


We also offer highly advanced cleaning of hose assemblies using the ULTRA CLEAN® system. It helps ensure the safe operation of equipment in which the hose assemblies are installed.

Great product portfolio

A team of experts working at our branch together with a large product display is just another reason to buy from us. But that’s not all – our employees issue Certificates of Quality and Conformity on request. Many of the products we sell come with certificates confirming their high quality.

Wide range of services

Our team are the finest professionals who will not only advise but also visit the customer and provide technical support. Due to our location, we are the first choice for companies in the ship- building and yacht-building industry.

Services provided at the branch

  • Production of industrial hose assemblies

  • Production of PTFE hose assemblies

  • Crimping hydraulic hoses

  • Production of thermoplastic hose assemblies

  • Production of hoses for pressure washers

  • Hydraulic pipe bending

Some services are performed outside the branch – enquire about the services at the branch.

Bunkering hoses Gdańsk

Catalogue products

Custom products

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