Tubes International Kalisz Branch

One of the first outside of Poznań

The Kalisz branch of Tubes International opened in 1998. It was the Kalisz branch that launched CLEANROOM (a professional workshop and production facility with a controlled environment) in early November 2012.

Large-capacity warehouse space

We have a 300 2 warehouse, which allows a large part of our assortment to be picked straight from the warehouse shelf or stocked for individual customers.


We crimp industrial and hydraulic hoses on the spot, we are also authorised to issue Quality Certificates for particular hose assemblies. In addition, we mark them, which turns out to be very helpful if the hose assembly must be identified for replacement or repair. The quality of our products is confirmed by various certificates.


It is worth noting that at the beginning of November 2012, we launched CLEANROOM – a professional workshop and production area with a controlled environment. It houses specialized equipment to perform inspection of internal and external surfaces of hoses and hose assemblies. We do it to address the needs of customers representing biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, food, computer, aerospace and semiconductor industries.

Technical expertise and support

Our long-standing presence in the market translates into experienced staff, which is always ready to help our customers.

Services provided at the branch

  • Production of industrial hose assemblies

  • Production of PTFE hose assemblies

  • Crimping hydraulic hoses

  • Production of thermoplastic hose assemblies

  • Production of hoses for pressure washers

  • Hydraulic pipe bending

  • Assembly and packaging of hoses in CLEANROOM

Some services are performed outside the branch – enquire about the services at the branch.

laboratory industrial hoses Kalisz

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Industrial hose Kalisz
Industrial hose Kalisz
Industrial hose Kalisz