Tubes International Rzeszów Branch

Strong position in the region

Our branch was established in 2004. At the very beginning, our highly qualified employees set the pattern for continuous development with their hard work and commitment. For over 15 years they have been strengthening Tubes International’s position as the major supplier of industrial hoses and couplings in the Podkarpackie region.

One-stop shopping and service centre

Our customers can enjoy a spacious store, a modern workshop and stock we hold for them in a high-storage warehouse.

Workshop ready for challenges

We can produce hydraulic, thermoplastic, PTFE, rubber, material handling and measuring hose assemblies, and those for automotive use (brake, air conditioning and power steering hose assemblies).

Professional technical advice

Our employees are experienced engineers, constantly improving their skills through numerous training courses. We provide our customers with technical advice by selecting products according to working conditions and specifications, so we eliminate the hazards associated with matching hose materials with conveyed media, ensuring safety and optimizing costs.

Aviation Valley

Since 28 May 2013, we have been a member of “Aviation Valley”, the prestigious Association of Aviation Industry Entrepreneurs.

Express service

In 2010, we launched a 24-hour service. Here, our customers can purchase goods and get services done outside the standard store opening hours.

Services provided at the branch

  • Production of industrial hose assemblies

  • Production of PTFE hose assemblies

  • Crimping hydraulic hoses

  • Production of thermoplastic hose assemblies

  • Production of hoses for pressure washers

  • Hydraulic pipe bending

  • 24h Service

Some services are performed outside the branch – enquire about the services at the branch.

Industrial hoses Rzeszów

Catalogue products

Custom products

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Industrial hoses Rzeszów Branch
Industrial hoses Rzeszów Branch
Industrial hoses Rzeszów Branch