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Jeton coolant hose assemblies is a modular system designed for low pressure supply of air, water, oils and other substances used in cooling processes. Our product range includes complete hose assemblies but also single elements to build individual, customised solutions.

Hose assemblies and elements are made of high quality acetal resistant to corrosion, solvents.

Examples of applications
Chłodzenie w obróbce skrawaniem na maszynach CNC
Chłodzenie w obróbce elektroerozyjnej na maszynach EDM
Przewody do chłodziwa Jeton
  • 100% stable position during operation

    No spring-back effect ensures a perfectly fixed position during machine operation.

  • Simple and easy assembly

    Elements are connected in a simple and easy way using special pliers.

  • Adjustable lengths and shapes to suit individual needs

    The construction consisting of separate plastic segments allows making hose assemblies in different lengths and forming the cooling installation into a desired shape. Thus, the jet of coolant can be freely directed and the shape and length of the hose assembly can be adjusted to a specific machine.

  • Four flow diameters and a vast range of accessories allow adapting the hose assemblies to Your needs.

    The system is available in four flow diameters: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4”. With a variety of accessories the hose assemblies can be adapted to serve different applications.

  • Application in EDM machines

    Jeton hoses are non-conductive, therefore they are also suitable for application in EDM machines (Electrical Discharge Machining)

Mounting clamps
Operation at higher working pressure

When mounting clamps are used to reinforce the connection, the hose assemblies can be used at higher working pressure. Then, it is recommended to test the hose assemblies before each use.
Mounting clamps >

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Jeton system:

Przewody do chłodziwa

Coolant hose assemblies

Węże do chłodziwa

Coolant hoses

Obejmy mocujące

Mounting clamps

Dysze do chłodziwa

Coolant nozzles

Zawory do chłodziwa

Coolant valves

Obcęgi montażowe

Assembly pliers

Wsporniki układu rozdzielającego do chłodziwa

Manifold system brackets

Przyłącza do chłodziwa, przedłużacze do chłodziwa, przejścia, łączniki, trójniki, kolanka, złączki, redukcje

Coolant connectors, coolant extensions, adapters, sockets, Y fittings, elbows, double sockets, reducers.