Crude Oil Drilling Hoses

  • Wąż wydobywczy do ropy
  • Przewód gumowy do płuczki wiertniczej
  • Przewód gumowy do przetłaczania suchego cementu

Hoses intended for crude oil, also sulphated oil, drilling fluid, drill cuttings, for a blow-out preventer (BOP). Fitted on onshore and offshore oil rigs. This group includes such hoses as: ROTARY DRILLING, ROTARY VIBRATOR, CHOKE&KILL.

The inner layer made of NBR rubber, Viton. Reinforced with several layers of steel wire and textile reinforcement. These hoses feature high working pressure (up to 1000 bar) and excellent mechanical strength. Fittings are assembled in a special way or vulcanised firmly with the hose.

Supplied as complete hose assemblies, tested and certified, with couplings compliant with API standards (American Petroleum Institute) and with HAMMER LUG couplings.


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