Crushproof star

Milk and dairy products transfer

Suction-delivery hose designed to convey milk, dairy products and other foodstuffs that require application of odour-free and taste-free rubber.

New star in our range – CRUSHPROOF STAR milk and dairy hose
Why choose CRUSHPROOF STAR milk hose?
  • Unmatched in its class

    CRUSHPROOF STAR hose combines the highest quality with competitive price. With high working pressure rating and excellent reinforcement (plastic helix), the hose has no real competition in its category.

  • Top-notch construction

    CRUSHPROOF STAR milk hose is manufactured from high quality NR and NBR compound. CRUSHPROOF STAR milk hose is reinforced with synthetic braids and plastic helix to offer excellent resistance to impact and mechanical damage. The unique construction allows the hose to regain its original shape after it is accidentally run over by e.g. a forklift.

  • Efficient and reliable

    Wire helix made of plastic makes it lightweight and thus easy to handle. Highly recommended for all applications that require flexibility and small bend radius. Also suitable for vacuum.

  • Designed for the food industry

    CRUSHPROOF STAR hose is extensively used in the food industry. It is free of plasticizers, phthalates and materials of animal origin therefore the rubber is totally odour-free. Inner layer meets the requirements of FDA, BfR, M.D. 21/03/73 and RAL. Conforms to EC 1935/2004 and EC 2023/2006.

  • Recommended by Tubes International

    Our company recommends using CRUSHPROOF STAR for food applications e.g. milk transfer, as it combines all the necessary qualities.

Złącza mleczarskie
Best choice for process hygiene

Selection of the proper hose, correctly matched, assembled fittings and couplings are factors critical to process hygiene in such applications as, for example, milk transfer. Usually, dairy couplings (hygienic couplings) are used in these applications. They are made of AISI 316 stainless steel, with specially finished inner surface of low roughness. The couplings are fitted using worm drive clamps, bolt clamps or crimped with ferrules.

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