Ducting Hoses Connectors

  • Łączniki do węży odciągowych, wentlacyjnych
  • Łączniki do węży odciągowych, wentylacyjnych

Ducting and ventilation hose connectors: straight connectors, reducers, 45° and 90° elbows, symmetrical and asymmetrical T-connectors, Y-connectors and other types and shapes of ventilation connectors. The pipe connectors are formed out of zinc-plated sheet metal (options: aluminium, stainless steel) and come in a variety of diameters, embossed to make it more rigid. Extensively used for fast and efficient connection of ducting hoses and to build whole installations. Used in fumes and dust extraction systems, ventilation and air-conditioning, granules transfer and many other.

For clips and clamps intended for ducting hoses – check clips and clamps group in INDUSTRIAL FITTINGS section


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