The initial selection of a hose for chemicals can be based on its intended use given in the catalogue description, the material of the inner layer and its chemical resistance given in Tubes International’s chemical resistance chart:

Sulphuric acid 10%AACCBCAAACXX
Sulphuric acid 10 ÷ 75%BAXXXXAAAXXX
Sulphuric acid 96%CCXXXXA/BAAXXX
Fuming sulphuric acid (oleum)XXXXXXAXAXXX
Hydrochloric acid ≤ 20%AABBBBAAAAXX

The characteristics given in the table apply to the resistance at +20°C.

  • A – excellent resistance, suitable for continuous operation,
  • B – good resistance, intermittent operation,
  • C – limited resistance, limited use,
  • X – no resistance,
  • – no data.