The main difference between these hoses is their construction and application.

Stripwound hoses („Peschel hoses”) are manufactured by winding profiled, metal strips that overlap each other. They are intended for the extraction of gases and fumes and transfer of bulk materials. Due to their construction, they are not pressure tight. They are usually attached to a stub pipe using a hose clamp (optionally fittings can be welded to the hose to produce a complete hose assembly).

Pressure hoses consist of a corrugated steel tube reinforced with a steel braid from the outside. The corrugated tube is formed mechanically or by hydroforming. They are mainly used as high pressure hose assemblies. Supplied ready-made, with end fittings.

These two types of metal hoses can be combined:

  1. as an external cover (stripwound hose on the outside / pressure hose inside)
  2. as a bend restrictor for the pressure hose (section of a stripwound hose attached to the fittings)
  3. as an internal liner in a pressure hose, e.g. for bulk material transfer