A ducting hose for abrasive, loose bulk media such as plastic granulate, sand, sugar, gravel or quartz should have good abrasion resistance – solid particles rubbing and hitting against the hose walls make it wear out. Therefore, ducting hoses with a sufficient wall thickness (thick-walled) > 1.0 mm are most suitable. It is also very important to prevent the occurrence of static electricity, i.e. to use materials with static dissipative properties (conductive material: R ≤ 10^6 Ω ; 10^6 Ω < R ≤ 10^9 Ω) and combat accumulation of charges in the hose. It is important that, when using a hose with an antistatic wire, it is permanently and effectively attached to the fittings and grounded, although this wire will not completely replace the antistatic/conductive inner layer.