FERRARI Lever Ball Couplings

zlacza dzwigniowe ferrari

FERRARI lever coupling, developed in Italy, is a simple and economical solution to water, liquid media and solid (loose) materials. Made in zinc-plated steel as standard (or AISI304 as an option). NR/SBR rubber seal. Nominal coupling sizes: 48, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 mm.
Working pressure:

  • 10 bar (size 48 and 60 mm)
  • 9 bar (size 80 mm)
  • 8 bar (size 100 mm)
  • 7 bar (size 120 mm)
  • 6 bar (size 150 mm)

A version with three levers and higher working pressure is also available. FERRARI couplings allow for angular deflection while connecting the elements (from 20° – larger sizes, up to 26° smaller sizes). A wide range of couplings – with a hose tail, male thread, with flanges or weld-in connections, blank caps but also straight pipes with couplings, elbows and tees. FERRARI couplings are extensively used in farming and horticulture for irrigation and sprinklers, in construction, road works, sewage disposal and sewage treatment plants, environment protection and for loose materials transfer.

FERRARI lever couplings

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