Fully automatic freeze protection valves designed, for example, for railway engineering, mounted in locomotive engine cooling systems and utility water distribution systems in passenger carriages. The valves are fitted with thermostatic heads so they are completely mechanical and no outside electrical power or compressed air supply are required.

Products available upon request.

  • automatic valves
  • eliminate costly repairs caused by freezing fluid
  • thermostatic valves – no outside power supply required
  • high-capacity design for fast system drainage
  • easy assembly
  • virtually self-operating
  • tested for shock and vibrations
  • in-line service and repair
Solution for such applications as:

Engine cooling system of locomotives, cooling system of compressors

Potable water distribution system in rail passenger carriages

Automatic bleed valve
for locomotives
Automatic bleed valve for locomotives

High capacity automatic bleed valve. Completely mechanical, no outside power supply required. Plug opens the flow when the temperature of the cooling agent falls below +1,7°C (option with opening temp. +4,4°C is available). Resistant to ambient temperature variations and vibrations coming from the engine or caused by the moving train.

The system closes and can be refilled after the plug is heated up. To refill with cold water, an optional cap should be used on the plug.

Automatic bleed valve
for passenger cars
Zawór antyzamarzaniowy do wagonów kolejowych

Fully automatic, self-operating, high capacity bleed valve made of bronze. Completely mechanical, no outside power supply required. Opens the flow when the temperature of the surrounding air falls below +1,7°C. Compliant with NSF 61/372 standard, tested for shock and vibration resistance.

An electric heater 120V AC / 74V DC or 230V AC mounted on the valve allows for closing the valve immediately even when the ambient temperature drops below the set opening point, until the passenger carriage is heated up.   Reduces time needed to get the carriage back into service.