FUELMAN flat delivery hose for fuels and liquid hydrocarbons

Heavy duty, abrasion resistant delivery hose designed specifically for transferring fuels, other liquid hydrocarbons or for use as a general purpose antistatic hose. Lighter and more flexible than standard rubber hoses, it has buoyancy (stays afloat) in fresh and sea water. Flat, when not in use, for easier operation and compact storage. Designed for transferring, loading and unloading petrochemical products, oils and fuels in refineries, industry and transportation. Used for ship refuelling, tank cleaning, firefighting and for military purposes.  Meets the requirements of MIL-PRF-370J standard for fuel hoses.

The hose is constructed of high strength synthetic braid fully embedded into polyurethane compound. Antistatic – has two copper wires running along on the surface of the hose to ensure electrical continuity between hose fittings, easily accessible for proper attachment to the fittings  (R < 0,02 Ω/m, exceeds the requirements of MIL-PRF-370J standard). Smooth inner surface, causing no loss of flow. Resistant to abrasion, weathering, hydrolysis, ozone, fuels and commonly used chemicals (recommended pH range: 5 ÷ 9). Resistant to longitudinal loads during unwinding or pulling.

Example of application:

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Ship refuelling

 refueling ships


 Firefighting applications


 Military applications