Gate Valves

Gate valves are extensively used in the installations of bigger diameters. They contain a flat valve wedge which travels perpendicularly to the flow axis. The gate valves act as shut-off valves and basically should not be used in any other way, especially to control the flow, because of cavitation effect and high obstruction in the product flow in a half-closed position.

The gate valves are made of brass or stainless steel. The gate opens by turning the stem (spindle), by turning a knob in the nut, by turning the lever – lever gate valve, or shifting the piston of the actuator (pneumatic, hydraulic) – piston gate valve. Lever and piston gate valves allow for quick flow opening and closing. The industrial gate valves come in large diameters up to DN200 (8″) and more, and they are used in all industrial installations, in chemical, oil and gas industry, in water supply systems, agriculture, transport and sewage disposal. Working pressure from a couple up to several tens of bar.


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