High-quality, robust, two-part steel clamp for heavy dynamic loads with DÄMMGULAST® anti-vibration lining and two locking bolts secured with plastic washers to protect them from slipping out when tightened. The bolts allow some adjustment to adapt to larger variations in pipe diameter. The anti-vibration lining with yellow identification strip (average sound level improvement up to 22 dB(A) ) is made of EPDM rubber resistant to water, abrasion, temperature changes and ageing. A combination head with M8/M10 thread size  is welded onto one part of the clamp. The clamp is designed for the installation of all types of pipes: steel, cast iron, copper, plastic, either in vertical or horizontal arrangement or suspended.  A proven solution for plumbing systems, for mounting heating, gas, ventilation and air conditioning systems, in residential and industrial buildings.

Available in zinc-plated carbon steel (W1) , AISI 304 steel (W4) and AISI 316 steel (W5).

znak jakości dla „Gütezeichen Rohrbefestigung“ dla obejm śrubowychThe clamp has been awarded „Gütezeichen Rohrbefestigung“ quality mark up to sizes ≤ 200 mm and is subject to monitoring in accordance with RAL-GZ 655-B. The products with RAL quality mark must entirely fulfil the stringent requirements compatible with the standards contained in RAL-GZ 655. The clamp has been tested for fire safety up to sizes ≤ 170 mm (RAL-GZ 656).

Clamp mounting methods:

We also offer a wide range of options for clamp mounting. For further information on the right solution for your application contact Tubes International.

A – mounting with a trapezoidal hanger on trapezoidal sheet;
B – mounting directly into the material;
C – mounting on steel girders without welding or drilling;
D – mounting with a fixed girder clamp on steel girders;
E – mounting with a swivel girder clamp on steel girders;
F – mounting on cantilever arms.

Sposoby montażu obejm śrubowych
montaż obejm zaciskowych - rodzaje montażu

Examples of DÄMMGULAST® pipe clamp applications:

obejma śrubowa do dużych obciążeń z wkładką antywibracyjną DÄMMGULAST
Obejmy zaciskowe do rur
Obejma dwuśrubowa z wkładką antywibracyjną

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