The series of high pressure washers includes a full range of solutions starting from compact, home-use models to premium, commercial models used in the industry, perfect for cleaning with cold and hot water.

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Solution for such applications as:

Premium cold water high pressure washer,
intended for heavy duty applications.

Premium hot water high pressure washers,
intended for heavy duty, most challenging applications.

Cold water high pressure washers MC series
Cold water high pressure washers MC series

MC 5M, 6P and 7P is a new line of cold water high pressure washers designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

  • Handy and user-friendly: this new range of pressure washers, MC 5M, 6P and 7P, offers intuitive operation to save time needed for training and machine start-up
  • Ergonomics – machines were designed and built to ensure maximum comfort of operation and minimum fatigue to the operator
  • Robust and durable – industrial quality of pressure washers series MC 5M, 6P and 7P means that they serve the heaviest applications in the harshest environments always giving the best results
Mobile hot water high pressure washers MH series
Mobile hot water high pressure washers MH series

MH series washers were developed around the idea of mobility. This perfectly balanced machine on four big wheels can easily travel across many different surfaces.

  • MH series machines come with EcoMode cleaning function
    When set on EcoMode, the parameters of the boiler ensure maximum efficiency in a wide range of applications such as washing vehicles or other cleaning tasks which often involve removing materials rich in proteins, for example blood or animal waste.
  • Flow or pressure activated control system
  • On-board diagnostic functions
  • Innovative design with four big wheels
  • Effortless transport, machines can be easily pushed/pulled across uneven surfaces

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