Hose assemblies for concrete and plastering

Hoses and complete hose assemblies suitable for transfer of wet plaster mortar, cement mortar, gypsum mortar and concrete, common in plastering machines and concrete pumps. Used in heavy duty working conditions to pour concrete foundations, walls, ceilings. Concrete hoses assemblies come with groove couplings, typical for concrete pump lines. Clamps, gaskets, cleaning balls and other accessories for concrete are also available.

Zalewanie fundamentów, ścian, stropów
Przesył betonu
Przesył zaprawy tynkowej, cementowej, gipsu

Concrete hose assemblies

  • Durability on a construction site

    Hose assemblies are produced from a robust SHANNON/85® hose, which has a very strong and durable construction. Its outer layer is resistant to abrasion, weather conditions and ozone. It all adds up to make a hose assembly with the longest possible service life in the tough environment of the construction site.

  • Longer service life of hose assemblies

    Both hose and fittings have excellent abrasion resistance. Hence, the hose assembly is well adapted to transfer as abrasive medium as concrete.

    SHANNON/85® concrete hose is made of black SBR/NR rubber with abrasion resistance of 50 mm3 according to ISO 4649. Groove couplings used for the production of these hose assemblies are made of hardened carbon steel (depth of hardening 06-0,8mm). Their hardness is at the upper end of the HRC scale that denotes a very hard steel (56-58 HRC).

  • Full flow of medium

    To obtain smooth, uninterrupted flow, the couplings are mounted using FULL FLOW system, unaffected by neckings. Thus, the pumped concrete does not adhere or accumulate on the joining spot, does not obstruct the smooth flow of the concrete, does not reduce the efficiency of the hose assembly or concrete pump.

Plaster hose assemblies

  • Durability in tough conditions

    Hose assemblies are produced from a robust NIAGARA hose. The outer layer of the hose is resistant to abrasion, ozone and weather conditions, thus the hose assembly withstands operations in tough conditions, which are typical to construction sites.

  • Abrasion resistance

    The transfer of a highly abrasive material such as: plastering mortar, cement mortar, gypsum or concrete requires a hose with outstanding abrasion resistance. The internal layer of NIAGARA hose is made of black SBR/NR rubber (70 mm3 according to ISO 4649).

  • Special mortar couplings

    The hose assemblies come with special mortar couplings that withstand 50 bar pressure. Thus they perform perfectly in plaster mortar, cement mortar or gypsum transfer.

Production of concrete hose assemblies

We produce standard hose assemblies but also less typical solutions to cater to the specific requirements of the Customers.

Standard production of concrete hose assemblies

Standardowa produkcja przewodów do betonu

Standard production includes concrete hose assemblies in standard diameters DN100 and DN125, 4m in length. The hose assemblies are produced for stock and are available on hand.

Non-standard production of concrete hose assemblies

Niestandardowa produkcja przewodów do betonu

On request, we produce hose assemblies in non-standard lengths up to 60m.

Utilizing Shannon hose, we can also produce hose assemblies for other applications. For example, the hose assembly for bentonite-based drilling fluid transfer. The hose assemblies of this type are usually assembled with NPT male thread fitting. That is why, they can be easily connected with HAMMER LUG couplings popular in drilling applications.


Feel free to contact us for both standard and custom hoses designed specifically for your requirements.

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