Zawór zamykający, awaryjny Hoseguard®

The shut-off valve protects the operator and compressed air installation in the event of a breakdown (e.g. when air line or hose breaks).

  • User-friendly – no adjustments required

  • Compatible with all pneumatic systems with standard compressed air consumption

  • Enables repairs when installation is working

Meets the requirements of:

  • EN 4414 §, ( EN 983 §,)
  • ATEX Group II Category II
  • TÜV 01-02-0145
  • TÜV AZ 77318 2

Principle of operation

jak zbudowany jest zawór zamykający

When the air flows through the valve it is moderated by longitudinal grooves on the outer side of the piston (1). When the flow rate is too high, the air cannot flow through the piston fast enough, so it forces the piston against the spring  (2) towards the socket (3). The maximum air flow rate is factory pre-set and is basically set to allow normal air consumption when using pneumatic tools. In the event of a breakdown or malfunction (when the air flow rate exceeds the set maximum value) e.g. when the hose breaks, then the air supply is immediately shut off. The valve instantly shuts down but still allows some residual air out the damaged part of the installation.

Watch the video

for HoseGuard® shut-off safety valve testing

If you have any questions or need assistance on choosing the right valve, please contact Tubes International.