Hoses, fittings and accessories for pressure washers

A wide range of products for high-pressure washers enables:

  • selecting complete solutions,

  • replacing single components of a high-pressure washing system.

Complete hose assemblies for high-pressure washers
Przewód do myjki ciśnieniowej

Our broad, highly versatile product portfolio includes hoses for pressure washers sold by the meter as well as complete hose assemblies for high-pressure washing. The complete hose assembly for a high-pressure washer (single or double braided) is equipped with fittings and bend restrictors to protect the hose from breaking at the ferrules.

If you haven’t found a complete hose assembly that meets your needs or you need a pressure washer hose assembly to your specification, please contact us – we’ll make it for you.

We can fabricate the pressure washer hose assembly in any length, selecting the appropriate hose and components, such as:

  • pressure washer hose fittings,

  • bend restrictors,

  • adapters,

  • high-pressure washer gun,

  • pressure washer accessories (lances, foamers, nozzles, heads).

Węże do myjki ciśnieniowej
  • made of synthetic rubber,

  • steel braid reinforcement (one or two braids),

  • outer layer of the hoses is resistant to abrasion, oils, ozone, and weather conditions.

Końcówki do myjki ciśnieniowej
  • made of zinc-plated carbon steel or stainless steel (some fittings have nuts made of brass),

  • suited for installation with high-pressure washer hoses (DN6 ÷ DN12). Assembled with standard hydraulic ferrules).

Pistolety do myjki ciśnieniowej
  • for cold and hot water washing,

  • wash guns with a non-freezing outlet,

  • wash guns with an outlet fitted with a quick release socket.

Lance do myjki ciśnieniowej
  • material (zinc-plated carbon steel or stainless steel),

  • various lengths (from 250 mm to 2000 mm),
  • single and twin lances,

  • various types of insulation,

  • various types of connections.

Akcesoria do myjki ciśnieniowej
  • additional pressure washing accessories, including a car wash brush, a foamer.

Example application: