Hydraulic hose assembly and pipe cleaning

As a part of our extensive portfolio of services, we clean hydraulic hose assemblies and hydraulic pipes using Ultra Clean® system. The system allows to obtain a superb cleanliness class of hydraulic oil thus prevents damage of high pressure hydraulic installation components.

At least 80% of all hydraulic systems failures is caused by contamination

Hydraulic system components such as hydraulic pumps, valves, directional control valves, pistons are made with the same precision as parts of a watch, so if they operate in contaminated fluid environment they are irreversibly damaged in a short period of time. Changing hydraulic oil frequently generates additional spending, which significantly affects the cost of machine and equipment maintenance. Such preventive measures as using clean hydraulic components can be applied in order to reduce hydraulic system contamination as early as an installation phase.

cięcie węży hydraulicznych


Cutting hydraulic hoses both rubber and thermoplastic generates impurities which remain inside the hose.

Oil flows through all elements of a hydraulic system therefore replacing an old hose with a new one, which has not been cleaned beforehand, causes immediate contamination of the system (with file dust from the steel braid, rubber chips, soot, etc ).

czyszczenie przewodów hydraulicznych


A cleaning process consists in shooting cleaning projectiles with compressed air through a hose and then sealing the ends of a complete hose assembly with heat-shrink capsules.

Cleaning the hydraulic hose assemblies allows for obtaining hydraulic oil cleanliness class of 18/16/13 according to ISO 4406 standard (hydraulic oil cleanliness is determined on the basis of the number of particulate contaminants of specific size per 1 ml sample of hydraulic oil). Oil analysis performed with a laser detector confirms cleanliness class according to the standard above.

zaślepianie przewodów hydraulicznych


Cleaned hose assemblies should be secured with heat shrink capsules. The capsules are applied using hot air. Heat shrink capsules do not contaminate the end fitting they were applied onto. As long as they are on the fittings of the hose assembly cleaned beforehand, they ensure that it is clean. No tools are needed to remove the capsules.

  • Capsule material resistant to impact and abrasion
  • Dirt and dust-tight protection
  • Fast application
  • Easily removed with a pull strip
  • Sizes range up to 2” (hose inner diameter)

Hydraulic hose assemblies may be delivered cleaned and sealed thanks to Ultra Clean® equipment used in Tubes International.