Industrial Fan Hoses

This type of hose is an excellent choice for HVAC systems for blowing warm and cold air.

  • The most important advantage of this solution is its versatility. With great production capabilities, we can offer a product tailored to a specific application in various configurations.

    Hose selection starts with:

    • diameter – up to 2 000 mm!
    • length – sections from 2 to 40 metres,
    • material – PVC, glass fibre impregnated with silicone or neoprene, or special fabrics for chemical vapours*,


    • colour – wide range,
    • fittings – smooth soft ends in any length, or fixing rings,
    • insulation – polyester wool, polyurethane foam,
    • accessories – installation in hard-to-reach places,
  • Flexibility  – installation in hard-to-reach places,

  • Light weight – easy installation,

  • Compressibility – compact and portable.

Hoses are used for:

  • blowing warm air into storage tents and sports halls, party tents, chicken farms, etc.

  • extraction of chemical vapours*,

  • grain dryers.

Example applications

Blowing warm air into military tents

 blower hose

Heating of aircraft engines on an airport apron

Special ducting hoses

Extraction of very hot air, up to +800°C, from machinery systems

 blower hose

Supplying fresh air to building structures

 blower hose
*For proper selection, please contact Tubes International.