Industrial Steam Hoses

  • Wąż do pary z końcówkami, Przewód do pary wodnej
  • Wąż do pary wodnej, przewód do pary wodnej
Rubber steam hoses are made of top grade rubber compounds (EPDM mainly) reinforced with textile or steel braid (or cord) depending on working pressure. These hoses are designed to convey saturated steam at the maximum working pressure ranging from 6 up to 18 bar, maximum temperature from 160 °C up to 210°C, and in some cases to convey superheated steam up to 232°C. When the hose is used to convey hot water, the temperature of water must not exceed 90 – 100°C. Both superheated steam and hot water have more destructive impact on the hose even at lower pressure and temperature than constant transfer of saturated steam.

The rubber steam hoses are used in various industrial installations of heating steam, technological steam and for steam cleaning.  The hoses can only be safely used if mounted with special steam fittings.

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