Compensators purchased from our company now come with an option of installation. You can order this service, when you want to have your compensator mounted on site.

Installation of compensators from A to Z

We offer a comprehensive program to assist you from the beginning to the end – from the purchase, through the preparation of piping system, to the final installation of the expansion joint. You don’t have to bother about the correct connection to the pipeline system and so you save your time.

Montaż kompensatorów
  • Professional support in selection of compensators

    Our experts, with many years of experience and expertise, help choose the solutions matched to the individual needs of the Customers, with special attention to the conditions, in which the compensator is designed to work. That is why, You can be sure that the purchased and mounted compensator will perform smoothly in that particular application.

    Our experts will guide you through the selection of the compensator, no matter if you buy it in one of our branches or via e-shop.

  • Site preparation is a condition for proper installation

    Except for the very installation, we can also prepare your pipeline. We handle everything from cutting and rearranging piping network, mounting counter flanges, mounting fixed supports and slide guides. The proper preparation of the pipeline is one of the factors significantly affecting the correct installation of the compensator, and consequently, the performance of the entire pipeline system.

Montaż kompensatorów
  • Installation of compensators by experienced professionals

    Installation services concern all types of compensators offered by Tubes International: rubber, elastomeric, steel, fabric and PTFE. Our service engineers with many years of experience and training work for you and provide the services, which may include the following operations: disassembly of the old compensator, welding flanges, mounting the new compensator together with all necessary accessories.

  • Accessories to enhance operation safety

    We provide our own accessories to fit the expansion joints to be mounted: matching counter flanges, bands and flat bars, seals and covers for compensators: thermal shields, fire and anti-splash shields. They facilitate handling and greatly enhance operation safety.

installation of compensators all over Poland
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