Klaudia Lever Ball Couplings

KLAUDIA Cardan couplings (lever couplings) are widely used in Poland for pneumatic unloading of cement railcars. Other application include: IGE wellpoint system (dewatering systems), farming, water carts, sprinkling systems, construction and industry. Made in aluminium, EPDM seal. Nominal coupling sizes: 51, 70, 89, 108, 133 mm. One of the many advantages of the couplings is that they are not susceptible to impurities and can be connected with one hand. Intended for water, sewage, fluids and loose bulk materials of various sorts (granules, cement, lime, minerals etc.); Working pressure 3 bar. The design of the couplings allows for angular deflection (up to 15° to both sides) while connecting. The product range includes couplings with hose tails, male thread, with flanges and weld-in connections, dampers, blank caps.

Although the design o KLAUDIA couplings is very similar to PERROT couplings, they are not fully interchangeable.


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