LAUX 42 Lever Ball Couplings

Złącza dźwigniowe Laux

LAUX coupling model 42 is a lever coupling (Cardan coupling) of high, Swedish quality. Their locking lever is equipped with a spring lock. It prevents unintentional disconnection. Made of zinc-plated steel, aluminium and stainless steel with EPDM seal as a standard (optionally: NBR, Viton, silicone). Nominal coupling sizes: 38, 48, 60, 76, 102, 133, 152 and 204 mm. Working pressure for fluids up to 12,5 bar (air up to 8 bar). They are leak tight in vacuum pressure applications and allow for angular deflection (up to 10°) while connecting the elements. A wide range of available coupling types (with hose tail, male thread, weld-in end, blank caps) as well as pipe sections: straight, elbows, tees enable building even very complex installations really quickly. LAUX 42 couplings are used in the following applications:

  • in chemical industry and paper industry as unloading couplings;
  • transfer and unloading of dry loose materials (grain, flour, feed, granules, cement, minerals);
  • temporary water and air installations in the construction industry, mining and agriculture, etc.;
  • to connect pumps for water, sewage and other substances;
  • as fuel couplings in military installations.

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