Liquid Asphalt Hoses

Wąż do asfaltu, wąż do przesyłu gorącego asfaltu

Asphalt hoses – developed specially for the loading/unloading and transfer of liquid bituminous minerals: asphalts, asphalt emulsions ( temperature up to 200°C). They are used on tank trucks or rail tankers, fitted on loading and unloading terminals and asphalt mix plants.

The inner layer made of polyacrylic rubber (ACM). Reinforced with braid or optionally steel wire helix. The outer layer resistant to oil, tar, weather conditions and abrasion.

Please, contact Tubes International in order to select a hose or a complete hose assembly. The hose or hose assembly must be compliant with and handled according to the health and safety regulations!

For other liquid asphalt hoses see the metal hoses group!


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