Loading arms

Loading arms – a semi rigid, articulated pipelines intended to fill up and empty transport tanks. They aim to facilitate the operator’s work while connecting the pipeline system to a tanker. Using the loading arm the operator can connect the installation more quickly and without effort. The loading arms usually consist of pipe sections combined with swivel joints to make hinged arms. The actuators that are attached to the loading arm support the weight of the construction – so the operator does not lift a heavy hose with couplings while connecting to the tanker. The loading arms are usually fitted with dry disconnect couplings and emergency breakaway couplings. There are mane types of loading arms:

  • top loading arms;
  • bottom loading arms;
  • vapour recovery arms;

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SGA loading arms

ramiona przeładunkowe - projektowanie, instalacja

SGA loading arm is designed to support a flexible hose assembly thus facilitating the work of an operator. The loading arm consists of segments connected to one another by bolts. The number of the segments depends on the size of the arm. Flexible slide bearings ensure rotary movement. The flexible hose assembly attached to the arm is fitted with an emergency coupling at the side of the tanker. In the event of emergency (when a tanker moves away and the hose assembly is still connected) the breaking bolts joining both halves of the coupling instantly break and the coupling disconnects. At the same time, the spring valves in both halves of the coupling shut, thus prevent leakage of media being transferred. Since the flexible hose assembly is mounted on the loading arm it is not subject to tensile force.

The loading arms are used in industrial installations and loading/unloading systems, for chemicals, fuels and gases. The loading arms of different lengths and P-SGA arms for food and pharmaceutical applications are available.


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