Logistics services for the Customers of Tubes International

Our company arranges and manages logistics services for our Customers, which concern the following solutions:

  • Consignment warehouses
  • Kitting
usługi logistyczne przewóz przewodów przemysłowych

Consignment warehouses

it is an innovative approach to the process of warehousing. Its purpose is for the inventories of components and goods not to influence the financial results of the recipient until the actual use of these inventories.

Years of experience in the business have brought a solution that was further developed to improve the cost-logistics effectiveness for the Customer.


we offer deliveries based on Just In Time (JIT) and Kanban principles. The deliveries are aligned with the current needs of the production process. The goods are delivered directly to particular branches or production facilities of the Customer.

Customised solutions and marking options. Sufficient inventories are stored in our distribution and logistics centres or on the premises of the Customer.


is a type of service where we deliver more complex, customized kits (often consisting of several items/materials), prepared for direct use. This is a perfect solution for manufacturers of various types of machines and equipment.

It is also a module within logistics operations which enables making a packet – a unit consisting of different but related items (set), sold as a single product.