Low Pressure EC Type Hose Fittings

Końcówki do węży EC

EC type fittings are designed for low pressure hoses (with maximum working pressure up to 30 bar, depending on the diameter), in particular for rubber and soft plastic hoses: non-reinforced (single layer), with textile reinforcement and with outer steel braid. They are crimped with ferrules of sheet metal using crimpingmachines for low pressure hoses (see HOSE AND TUBE ASSEMBLING MACHINES OR HOSE REELS AND HOSE ACCESORIES). Made of zinc-plated carbon steel. Ferrules made of zinc-plated steel or stainless steel.

Contrary to high pressure hydraulic fittings, EC type fittings are not equipped with a lock joining a ferrule with a fitting. They feature short hose tail with single or multiple serrations. Broadly used for flexible hose assemblies in fuel, air, water systems – especially in automotive applications. A similar type of fittings and crimping is used with hose assemblies in water and sanitary system (see the group: Sanitary hoses and hose assemblies). EC ferrules can be used to crimp many types of fittings, quick release couplings of the appropriate hose tail shape.


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