Low Pressure Gas Hoses

  • Wąż spawalniczy do tlenu
  • Wąż spawalniczy do acetylenu

Hoses for low pressure gases are made of rubber or plastic materials with textile braid or cord reinforcement. They are used as gas welding hoses (acetylene, oxygen, butane/propane), general purpose hoses for butane/propane (LPG, liquefied gas) and natural gas (methane), transfer and loading/unloading hoses for natural gas and LPG, hoses for neutral gases (e.g. nitrogen), highly specialised hoses for metallurgy for oxygen blowing lances.

Working pressure up to several tens of bar. Manufactured in compliance with EN 559 standard (welding hoses) and EN 1762 standard ( hoses for LPG and natural gas transfer, loading and unloading).

The fittings are mounted with worm-drive clamps, bolt clamps or they can be crimped with ferrules.

For more low pressure gas hoses, see the following groups: hoses for water and air, chemical hoses, steel hoses, composite hoses, PTFE hoses, TYGON® tubing and in PNEUMATICS section, in the group: pneumatic hoses.

To select a gas hose appropriate for your application, please contact Tubes International.

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