wąż płaski do powietrza Mantex

Delivery hose designed to transfer compressed air, for compressors, hammers, augers and other pneumatic tools. With its low weight, flexibility, sturdy design and high working pressure, the hose has been recognized by the industry and used in the construction (by demolition companies in particular) and mining sectors for many years.


  • high quality materials for exceptional strength and durability

  • low weight and flexibility

  • UV resistance

  • smooth liner for low friction loss

  • abrasion resistance
  • yellow outer layer for excellent visibility on a construction site (also available in black)
wąż płaski do powietrza Mantex HP

High-pressure, very durable hose for compressed air transfer. Designed for heavy-duty use on construction sites, in mines, etc. to power devices with high compressed air consumption.


  • high quality materials combined with double jacket design (double reinforcement of circular woven high-strength polyester braid, fully covered and lined with thermoplastic polyurethane (PU)) for superior strength and durability

  • high abrasion, puncture, wear and oil resistance

  • no elongation under pressure

  • resistance to longitudinal stress

  • available as complete hose assemblies in 20m or 40m lengths, factory assembled with fittings

Using air hoses at high pressure should always be preceded by a risk analysis in case of accidental disconnection or rupture of the hose and possible application of safety devices.

Examples of application:

węże Mantex zastosowanie
wąż Mantex dla górnictwa
wąż do przesyłu sprężonego powietrza

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