Mobile Industrial Service supports you with the following on-site services:
  • technical inspection and service of loading/unloading equipment;
  • hydrostatic pressure testing;
  • measuring the resistance of flexible hose assemblies and loading/unloading equipment;
  • installation of hose reels;
  • installation of compensators;
  • marking of hose assemblies according to the requirements of TDT (Transportation Technical Supervision) or the Customer.

Regular maintenance of loading/unloading equipment, is it worth it?
Yes! Here is what you get:

Hazards due to lack of maintenance

Despite this really big responsibility for safety in the workplace, many companies are not aware of the dangers resulting from the negligence in maintenance of technical equipment, especially loading/unloading equipment and flexible hose assemblies. Employers wrongly assume that accidents never happen in their factory, so they rarely take measures aiming to keep loading/unloading in good working order, which in fact can protect that expensive equipment or even save human life. Negligence, failure to maintain the equipment in a safe condition added to untrained staff or poor maintenance inevitably lead to an accident.

To help you deal with all these issues, we offer regular maintenance services for your loading/unloading equipment and flexible hose assemblies based on scheduled maintenance and technical inspections.

Do you want to take care of your loading/unloading equipment? Do you want to lower service costs, prevent unexpected breakdowns or increase operational safety? Contact us!

Detailed range of services

Loading/unloading equipment

Loading/unloading equipment
  • installation of loading/unloading equipment on-site

  • pressure testing of loading/unloading equipment either on-site or at Tubes Headquarters,

  • acceptance and conducting technical tests of loading/unloading equipment supplied by Tubes to register the technical equipment with the competent technical supervision unit.

  • annual, periodic inspection of loading/unloading equipment: :

    • determining the technical condition of loading/unloading equipment, ,
    • visual inspection, preventive and corrective actions,
    • measuring the resistance of loading/unloading equipment and drawing up electrical test reports.
  • warranty and post-warranty service of the loading/unloading equipment supplied by Tubes International according to the contract signed or the Customer’s order.

Industrial hose assemblies

Przewody przemysłowe
  • installation and repair of hose assemblies on-site,

  • installation of hose assemblies (after prior arrangements) on-site,

  • pressure testing of hose assemblies either on-site or at Tubes International Headquarters,

  • measuring the resistance of hose assemblies and drawing up electrical test reports,

  • post-warranty service of industrial hose assemblies supplied by Tubes International

Expansion joints

Montaż kompensatorów
  • installation of fabric expansion joints,

  • installation of rubber expansion joints,

Hydraulic hose assemblies

Przewody hydrauliczne
  • installation and repair of hose assemblies on-site,

  • installation of hose assemblies (after prior arrangements) on-site.

Mobile industrial service – how do we work?

Tubes International has a fleet of fully outfitted service vehicles to provide service to your loading/unloading equipment and industrial flexible hose assemblies. We quickly respond to your needs with our know-how and comprehensive technical advice.

  • Mobile fleet
    Backed by our experience and extensive service expertise we decided to set up Tubes International mobile service fleet – a fleet of professional service cars for on-site repair and maintenance. We provide many services across Poland, in particular: maintenance and technical inspections, troubleshooting and repair of loading/unloading equipment.
    Every service car is equipped with a mobile pressure testing unit which can be used, for example, during visual inspection or during periodic inspection scheduled according to the Customer’s specific regulations.
  • Documentation
    Service technicians issue the necessary documentation per each on-site visit (depending on the range of provided services): visual inspection report, hydrostatic test report, electric test report or other documents depending on the Customer’s requirements.
  • Emergency services
    We provide you with support in the event of emergency. Our highly-skilled technicians identify causes of breakdown and help you proactively address all maintenance issues, to anticipate problems and implement solutions beforehand. The repair work can be performed on-site or in Tubes International Headquarters depending on how complicated the case is.
Mobilny Serwis Przemysłowy
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