Mobile Workshop Containter

mobile workshop container

Best in® Place – Mobile Workshop Container has been designed with the success and efficiency of your business in mind.

This service involves delivering a specially equipped workshop space to any location you designate. It is a portable workshop that contains all the necessary tools and equipment for conducting various types of work, such as repairs, maintenance, or installation tasks. The container can also serve as a storage area or a consignment warehouse.

Best in® Place – Mobile Workshop Container is an ideal solution for locations without a permanent workshop or in situations where repair work must be urgently performed on-site. This means you don’t have to worry about transporting equipment or staff – everything is contained in one easily movable container, allowing work to be carried out efficiently and without unnecessary delays.

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  • crimping hydraulic hoses on the construction site
  • crimping industrial hoses at the construction site

Our container can serve as:

  • a mobile workshop for crimping hydraulic and industrial hoses,
  • a mobile workshop for bending and processing hydraulic hoses,
  • a mobile version of a goods warehouse in the form of a consignment stock,
  • or another option in agreement with Tubes International.

We will deliver it wherever needed, whether it is:

  • a production hall,
  • a construction site,
  • an oil rig,
  • other location.

You decide how to use it!

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What are the benefits?

Cost reduction

Thanks to direct access to tools on-site, you no longer have to bear the costs of transporting damaged parts to a stationary workshop.

Time savings

You will avoid unnecessary scheduling of workshop visits and waiting times. With our mobile workshop, work stoppages become a thing of the past, and your efficiency increases.

Wide range of services

From storage space to simple repairs and complex maintenance work – our Mobile Workshop Container is at your disposal for a broad spectrum of services.

Features of our Mobile Workshop Container:

service container for construction site

We offer:

Types of tasks that can be carried out in the container:

  • crimping industrial and hydraulic hoses,
  • cutting hoses and hydraulic pipes,
  • cleaning hoses and hydraulic pipes,
  • bending hydraulic pipes,
  • pressure testing of hoses.

Example equipment:

Standard workshop tools, plus:

  • hydraulic press with a complete set of dices for crimping up to 2” hydraulic hoses,
  • sleeves and fittings for hose fabrication,
  • hose cleaning equipment,
  • hose cutting saw,
  • manual pipe bender,
  • pipe cutting saw,
  • hose rack.

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