New star in our range – chemical hose – CHEM UPE STAR/SD

Suction-delivery hose intended to convey liquid chemicals. Widely used in the food, chemical and petrochemical industries.

What marks out CHEM UPE STAR/SD hose?

  • Unmatched in its class
    CHEM UPE STAR/SD hose guarantees the highest quality at a competitive price.
  • High quality construction
    CHEM UPE STAR/SD hose is made of high quality UHMWPE. The outer layer is antistatic (R <106 Ω), resistant to abrasion, ozone and weather conditions. Meets the requirements of CE 1935/04 and CE 2023/06.
  • Effective and reliable
    The antistatic properties of the hose outer layer ensure dissipation of electrostatic charges both on the hose surface and through the walls. Marked with Ω/T symbol.
  • Proven industry performance
    CHEM UPE STAR/SD hose is successfully used in the chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • Recommended by Tubes International
    CHEM UPE STAR/SD hose is recommended by our company.