Plastic Fittings and Connectors

  • Końcówki tworzywowe, końcówki plastikowe

Hose fittings and connectors, threaded connectors made of such plastic materials as: polyamide, polypropylene, acetal, PTFE, PVDF and many other. Widely used in general industrial applications but also in laboratories, medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, chemical industry, food and gas industry. Designed for relatively low working pressures from 6 to 10 bar.

The fittings and connectors can be mounted to hoses without clips, clamped with clips or compressed with nuts of connectors – depending on the type of the hose and pressure. Can be used for rubber and soft plastic hoses (PVC, polyurethane, silicon hoses, TYGON® tubing) as well as for rigid plastic hoses (polyamide, polyethylene, PTFE etc.) or metal pipes.

As a standard, the threaded connectors have BSP threads (optionally NPT and metric thread).

Tri-Clamp (Triclover) flange connectors conform to DIN32676, ISO 2852 and BS4825 standards.

NA type fittings and connectors

Plastic fittings and connectors with a serrated hose tail. BSPT male thread or metric thread (also NPT thread) fittings made of polyamide (PA6). Connectors with hose tails manufactured from acetal (POM). Intended for industrial applications for fluids and gases. Popularly used for rubber and plastic soft hoses in the automotive industry, chemical, food and machine industry and home appliance production. Maximum working pressure 10 bar. To assemble NA type hose fittings and connectors, the hose tail must only be pushed into the hose, and if the hose was selected correctly, no clips are required.

EM type fittings and connectors

Hose fittings and connectors, threaded connectors and adapters made of polypropylene (PP), PVDF and PTFE (of PFA, PEEK also available). With BSP, NPT, metric thread connectors, Tri-Clamp (Triclover). Designed to connect hoses and pipes of rather small diameters (about 1/8″ – 3/4″, 4 to 19 mm) and equipment, in laboratory, medical technology, pharmaceutical industry, chemical or food industry. Fitting and connectors material complies with the high requirements of FDA, EN ISO 22000, CE 2002/72, RoHS, KTW, US Pharmacopoeia Class VI (in the case of PVDF and PFA). Also, it does not contain substances of animal origin (ADI-free). Steam sterilisation, autoclaving, radiation sterilisation (PVDF, PFA) are all recommended for the fittings and connectors, and they can be also cleaned and assembled in cleanroom conditions. Electrically conductive, highly resistant to UV radiation EM fittings and connectors are also available.


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