Devices for non-toxic spraying of low-viscosity detergent fluids. Suitable for spraying surfaces and areas that require disinfection, but also for washing vehicle engines, blacking, lubrication. After they are filled with specific fluid for ¾ of their capacity and topped up with air under 6-8 bar pressure, they are fully autonomous. No continuous connection to compressed air line is required. The air pressure in the tank pushes the fluid out through the dispensing unit into the nozzle. Coming out from the nozzle, the medium forms a kind of a cloud with tiny droplets of disinfectant.

Available on request.

Ciśnieniowe spryskiwacze dla środowisk wymagających wysokiej czystości i higieniczności
  • Mobile trolley design, easy to operate
  • 5 metre hose with a lance and a nozzle included
  • Large capacity 24 litre tank
  • Fluid filling funnel included
  • After filling up, no continuous air supply is needed


  • AISI304 steel version with extra powder coated outer surface
  • AISI304 steel version with extra polished outer surface
Solution for such applications as:
Spraying disinfection fluids

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