Production of industrial hose assemblies

Wide scope of applications

With a broad range of products and expertise knowledge of our employees, Tubes International supplies industrial hoses and couplings that are used across many industry sectors in a variety of applications. As the Customers recognise the quality of products and services we offer, they entrust us to supply industrial hoses and couplings for the most sophisticated projects they work on.

Selecting proper hoses and fittings

Proper hose selection means choosing a product which meets the technical requirements of a particular system or equipment. These requirements must be precisely specified to ensure safe and reliable operation. Proper hose selection is possible only if full information on hose operating conditions or variables in the application are known as well as such aspects as required certificates, compliance with standards.

Basic information needed to select the proper hose:

  • medium (substance to be conveyed through the hose assembly),

  • inner diameter,

  • maximum working pressure,

  • temperature (internal, ambient),

  • any other factors that may affect operation and service life of the hose assembly, e.g.: vibrations, deformation of the hose assembly during operation, exposure to damage, etc.,

  • hose end connections (fitting type, thread size, sealing type),

  • fitting attachment method (clip, clamp),

  • hose length (hose assembly – overall length with fittings),

  • additional requirements (certificates, compliance with standards).

The guidelines listed above apply when selecting other products such as: couplings, valves, fittings, quick release couplings etc.

Choose your hose with our hose experts.

The most popular industrial hoses

Rubber hoses


Węże gumowe

Plastic hoses


Węże tworzywowe

PTFE hoses


Węże teflonowe

Silicone hoses


Węże silikonowe

The most popular couplings

Thread fittings

Końcówki gwintowe

Camlock couplings

Złącza Camlock

Hygienic couplings

Złącza higieniczne

Flange couplings

Złącza kołnierzowe

Tankwagen couplings

Złącza Tankwagen

Standard ways to assemble fittings to industrial hoses

Each hose assembly produced at Tubes International is customer driven, so either it is mass production or single-item output, we always do it according to the strictly defined specifications of our Customer.


Zakuwanie zewnętrzne

Fittings are mechanically crimped from the outside (compressed) and secured with a lock (collar) against sliding off from the hose tail of the fitting.

Installation with smooth ferrules

Montaż za pomocą tulei blaszkowych

Fitting is attached to  a low pressure hose with a smooth ferrule using a crimping machine.

Band-It banding system

Taśmowy system zaciskowy Band-It

Fitting is attached to an industrial hose with a steel band which is tensioned on the hose.

Safety clamp installation

Montaż obejm skorupowych

Safety clamps tighten the hose on the hose tail and secure with a lock (collar) against sliding off from the hose tail of the fitting.

Steam clamp installation

Montaż obejm do pary

Special fittings for steam are mounted with clamps bolted together on the hose.

Malleable iron clamp installation

Montaż obejm żeliwnych

Fittings are mounted with malleable iron clamps.

Installation with clips or clamps

Montaż za pomocą opasek i obejm

Different types of clips or clamps are used to tighten the hose on the hose tail.

Installation with bridge clamps

Montaż za pomocą opasek mostkowych

Fittings are attached to ducting hoses with special bridge clamps (clockwise and counter-clockwise).

PUSH-ON fitting installation

Montaż końcówek samozaciskowych

Special PUSH-ON fittings are mounted to rubber hose intended for use with these fittings.

Do you need help with choosing the right product for your system?

Product example: Corroflon DN50 (2″) hose assembly with stainless steel AISI 316 fittings type DIN 11851

used by the companies leading in the food, chemicals and cosmetics industries.

Chemical resistance

the conveyed product is only in contact with PTFE, which meets all hygiene and chemical resistance standards.


no crevices, no potential for product entrapment

Self-cleaning surface

smooth PTFE hose wall with wide-profile convolutions ensures cleanability.

Outer layer:

blue antistatic EPDM rubber

Hose material:

helically convoluted, very thick PTFE (convolutions ensure high flexibility)


AISI 304 stainless steel braid and wire helix (wire helix ensures excellent resistance to mechanical damage and vacuum)


stainless steel hygienic coupling according to DIN 11851 standard.